Analysis Of The Poem ' Antlers ' And ' A Clean ' Well Lighted Place '

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“Antlers” and “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” - Compare/Contrast
Rick Bass and Ernest Hemingway are two superb writers who created very different stories that hold the same values. Both stories have varying amounts of similarities and differences, such as motifs and themes, but in the end the pieces ultimately show how isolation and a meaningless storyline can represent something more than what it seems. By including the author 's life experiences and background, the final thoughts about each story can be explored into even further and deeper. Through this comparison of "Antlers" and "A Clean, Well Lighted Place," we will be able to see the similarities and differences in characters, setting, authors lives, and other aspects alike.
“Antlers” by Rick Bass is a story that becomes more understanding as it progresses. The setting is a town full of outsiders; people who are trying to escape from something. Suzie, one of the stories main characters, repeatedly shows signs of despair and hope. She has dated almost everyone in the small town, and has yet to settle down. This shows how lonely she is, even if she is able to be with whoever she’d like. Another main character in this story is Randy. Among everyone else in the town, he truly is an outsider. With him being this way it shows that even in a community full of the same people, one can be different. The narrator of this story really ties everything together, but in a completely expected way. He is an “average joe” in the eyes…

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