Essay about Analysis Of The Play ' Peter ' And ' The Starcatcher '

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I saw the play Peter and the Starcatcher, written by Rick Elice, on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Elice’s comedic play acts as the prequel to J.M. Barrie’s play Peter and Wendy since it gives backstory to the character Peter Pan. Peter and the Starcatcher features the protagonist Peter Pan, originally a nameless orphan, who meets the brave Molly Aster while on a ship. The kids have a run in with Captain Black Stache’s band of pirates as they try to recover a chest filled with the Queen’s treasure. I will go into more detail analyzing the plot, characters, and production of Elice’s play. Furthermore, the lighthearted play raises issues that are relevant to this day that I will discuss later, along with the message of the play. The play opens at a British port where Lord Aster, his daughter Molly, and her nanny, Mrs. Bumbrake, are to make sure the trunk with the Queen’s treasure is kept safe while Molly’s father makes his voyage on The Wasp to the kingdom of Rundoon. There is a decoy trunk filled with sand, and the captain of The Neverland, Slank, notices which trunk is the Queen’s and marks it so he can swap it with the decoy trunk at the last minute. He is successful in his crooked actions, and the Queen’s trunk is now aboard the wrong ship. Also aboard Slank’s ship The Neverland are three orphan boys, one of those boys being the future Peter Pan. When Molly’s father boards The Wasp, he gives her an emulate that contains “star stuff” allowing them to communicate while she and…

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