Analysis Of The Play ' A Doll 's House ' Essay

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1. Describe the play 's exposition. In other words, what are the important past and present details revealed in the first act of the play?
The play 's setting takes place in the Helmer 's home in Norway in the late eighteenth century near Christmas time. The main characters that are established in the first act are Nora Helmer, Torvald Helmer, Krogstad, and Kristine Linde. The first phase of plot in "A Doll 's House" first takes place in a beautifully decorated home, here it becomes established how important money and respectability is in the Helmer 's household. The beginning character, Nora, returning happy from shopping shows us that she enjoys doing good things for her family, as well as spending money on things such as Christmas trees, presents (toys), and macaroons. In the beginning scene we see a stage direction that occurs right after she approaches her husband study "putting the macaroon bag in her pocket, and wiping her mouth", this clearly shows that eating macaroons is a disobedience, as Torvald forbids them. ( Ibsen 1191) Not only does this provide us with evidence of Nora 's disobedience, but it also gives the audience a sense of her husband 's character, as well as gender roles by displaying that he has complete control over what she eats (power), and what she can spend especially since he provides for the family (gender roles). The characters of Nora and Torvald in the first scenes provides us with a glimpse of the most important themes such as power,…

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