Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Stone Carvers '

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Loss is a state of being without, usually accompanied by grief, which is a reaction to the disruption of attachment. The loss of loved one is considered to be a major disruption in a person’s life, having an impact on the relationships, health, and morale of the person concerned. The novel Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart shows the different experiences the characters go through in their distinct losses. In her novel, the protagonists are undergoing an emotional state of sadness in the past that influence their actions in the present. The impacts on the characters are seen through: hopefulness of one’s return; regret of what should have been; and isolation of self to society. The protagonist are focusing entirely on their impacts in the past that they begin to ignore the people around them.
Hoping in the return of a loved one can lead to isolation which makes the characters ignore the whole world outside the accoutrements of their own space. Klara saws how his grandfather hope for the return of his brother through “Whenever he could her grandfather included a likeness of Tilman in his carving, hoping perhaps that the God for whom he carved would interpret this as a petition or a prayer.”(Urquhart, 94) Even though Tilman’s return is barely believable, John Becker still includes him in his carving as a petition to God for his much awaited reappearance. Because of this hope, he “turns away from reality takes place and a clinging to the object through the medium of a…

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