Analysis Of The Novel ' Jane Eyre ' Essay

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The novel ,Jane Eyre, begins with the narration of a young orphan name Jane, Who lives with her Aunt Mrs. Reed, and her three cousins, John, Eliza, and Georgiana Reed. Whom which she has been forbidden to play with so instead she has taken interest in in a book, Bewick’s History of British Birds.

Jane is forced to live with her Aunt because both her mother and father have passed, causing her to be a subject of her aunts charity. Being That she is from a lower class than her wealthy upscale adopted family she is often tormented by, her cousin, John. During one of there less than accepted confrontations John hurls a book in Janes direction. Janes lack of tolerance for him causes her to have an outburst which then leads to a fight between to two. Jane is then accused of starting the brawl and is consequently sent to the “red room”-where her uncle Reed died- to face her discipline.

Jane is hauled to the red room by two servants using all of her will to restrict going in to the room. Once in the room she is faced with her ghostly reflection she begins to contemplate on all the things she has done to deserve being there. While in the room she thinks back on her uncle and his wish that his wife treat Jane like she was on of their own. Abruptly she thinks that her kind hearted uncle, in spirit, is there in the red room to get revenge on his wife for breaking her promise. With her new realization having an affect on her she screams horror but is completely ignored by the…

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