Analysis Of The Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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The novel, 1984, set in Oceania, is a work of Art by George Orwell that features a dystopian world, where the people are forced to abide by the laws of the Party. The protagonist of this dystopian novel is Winston Smith, a strong-minded and intellectual man who becomes involved with a woman named Julia. She is his carefree fellow worker in the Ministry of Truth. Winston and Julia are both party members that are disloyal to the Party and in this passage, Orwell expresses the oppression in which party members are under through diction. He uses this passage to show the mindlessness as well as the capabilities of the proles, the lowest class of people in Oceania. He utilizes this passage in characterizing and differentiating the proles and the party members through diction and uses this passage to show the ignorance of the people as a whole. Also, he characterizes Winston through this passage.
As Julia and Winston are together at their meeting spot, Winston observes a prole woman as she is working. Orwell states, “Tirelessly the woman marched to and fro, corking and uncorking herself, singing and falling silent, and pegging out more diapers, and more and yet more.” The word “tirelessly” shows that the woman works continuously without fatigue and without getting tired. The fact that the woman pegs out “more diapers, and more, and yet more”, shows that the woman works for a long period of time and this characterizes the proles in general as hard working people. After Winston and…

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