Essay on Analysis Of The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Education is the Last Resort 32 million adults in the United States cannot read according to the U.S. Department of Education and National Institute of Literacy. Education has been one of the most powerful tools that people can have. This is one of the main reasons that slaves were not educated or why Black Americans still struggled to have the opportunity to receive an education. Slave masters wanted to keep slaves, like Frederick Douglass, uneducated because they wanted to remain in control, fear of rebellion and to instill worthlessness in the slaves. These factors contribute to the idea of what made Frederick Douglass so remarkable in his future endeavors. Slavery was ultimately driven by control. Slave masters were able to control slaves through different ways. The majority of slaves were controlled because they were not educated and they were not given the opportunity to be educated. In Chapter 6 of the Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass, this issue of a slave being able to read write and think comes into play. Mrs. Auld was teaching Frederick the alphabet and Mr. Auld did not agree with her doing that. He was afraid that if Frederick became educated it would unleash a powerful thing; the ability to have a free mind and think for himself. An educated man is a dangerous one because while he could be enslaved physically he wouldn 't mentally be enslaved. People have to understand that slaves were just as mentally enslaved as they were physically. Being educated…

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