Analysis Of The Musical Rent ' Rent The Musical ' Essay

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April 29th 1996, Broadway’s Nederland theatre is sold out to capacity and the audience is gritting their teeth with excitement, but an overture is nowhere to be heard, the curtains are missing and the haphazardly placed lighting rigs have not yet dimmed. All at once, the stage erupts with cast members running in-between and out of the industrial themed set, a strum of a guitar is heard and a critically acclaimed overnight sensation is born in the image of Jonathon Larson. Adapted from the popular opera La Bohème, Rent the musical was created in the hopes of representing the minute bohemian culture of New York City at the end of the 20 century who were confronted with impoverishment, HIV and homosexuality. Going against traditional musical theatre elements and adopting properties from the musical and rock opera genre’s respectively, Rent uses a multitude of complex characters, symbolic scenery and heart stopping lyrics to highlight the struggles and triumphs of the Bohemian people whose hearts beated with hope and a thirst for life. This essay will seek to analyse the musical Rent, from both a theatrical and musical point of view. It will also seek to discuss how its textual, dramatic and musical elements best represented the life perspectives of HIV-positive people at the time of the musicals publication.

Now, twenty years from the productions initial release, Rent is still seen as one of the most ground breaking musicals of its time, largely due to the shows taboo textual…

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