Essay on Analysis Of The Movie Theater Meeting Up

1463 Words Feb 5th, 2016 null Page
In today 's society it is a blessing to give than receive the main why I say that is because one night I was leaving my house heading to the movie theater meeting up with some friends. While I was driving leaving the house my car light gas went on so I decided to stop by nearest gas situation that was the closes to the house to put some gas in the car. That is when I had an encounter with a Mexican woman named Vanessa who barely speak English asking me money for the poor suffering kids in other country which had touch my heart. When I think about what Vanessa was doing I thought to myself that there 's not that much people in today 's society that would like to spend their time to ask money for the poor people in other country because only thing people think about nowadays is how to make their life better.. After having an encounter this summer with Vanessa who was standing on the side of the road by a gas station hold a sign asking money for the poor that had it 's really touch my heart and had an impact on my life because there are not that many people in the world today who cares about the poor people who are in undeveloped countries but this Mexican women name Vanessa did she was asking people for help in order to put a smile on those little kids faces. Coming from a foreign country I know how it is for the poor people in those undeveloped country because every night half of those children will go to sleep without having anything to eat because their parents cannot…

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