Analysis Of The Movie ' The Road Of Wigan Pier ' Essay

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“The Road to Wigan Pier” was first published in England in 1937; the Left Book Club commissioned it. The aim of the club, according to one of its brochures, which reflects the temper of the time, was “to help in the terribly urgent struggle for World Peace & a better social & economic order & against Fascism, by giving (to all who are determined to play their part in this struggle) such knowledge as will immensely increase their efficiency.”(Orwell, Publisher’s Note) This essay will look at the portrayals of the living and working conditions of the British working class during the 1930s found in “The Road to Wigan Pier”. It will examine the comparisons made by Orwell in the fist part of the novel and how these were depicted in the “Saddler Commission”, “ The conditions of the working class in England”, and “The pains of poverty”, found in the Perry readers. In the second part of the novel, I will look at the main problems affecting the workers as well as the solutions that are being proposed to help them. As well as look as whether these programs are similar or different in their ideas of what workers are and their solutions to help them. In doing this the works by L.T. Hobhouse and Flora Tristan will be studied.
The comparisons made in Part I by Orwell aim at giving a detailed account of what the working class underwent, the level of poverty and hardship that was endured by this working class and the unemployed. In the first chapter, Orwell is talking about Mr. and Mrs.…

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