Analysis Of The Movie ' The Pickets At The White House ' Essay

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The pickets at the white house were mostly staged appropriately according to historical records in Iron Jawed Angels, highlighting the determination and proficiency of the suffrage movement. The picketers were called, “The Silent Sentinels,” because their purpose wasn’t to physically rebuke, but pressure president Wilson to sign a constitutional amendment. The movie demonstrates this by showing women standing civilly outside the white house holding banners addressed to the president. Doris Stevens recalled, “If a question was asked, we answered quietly” (). The suffragists were faithful to their motive of politeness while holding their flags. The colors of the banners looked very similar to the ones suffragists held in pictures, with purple writing and quotes by Wilson himself. Others, both from pictures and the film, said, “Mr. President what will you do for woman suffrage?” In addition, the actors wore sashes and held suffrage flags with their campaign colors: purple, white and gold. The picketing lasted for 18 months, during rain or shine. A witness remembers, “The intrepid women stood their long vigils day by day at the White House gates, through biting wind and driving rain, through leet and snow as well as sunshine,” (Stevens 28). The ability to face not just the world, but extreme weather conditions is a true testament to the capabilities of the suffrage movement. By circling through the seasons, Iron Jawed Angels recognizes these qualities as well as accurate…

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