Analysis Of The Movie ' The Hill ' Essay

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New Haven is a city in Connecticut, it’s a city that is notable because it has undergone a lot of changes. It does not offer images of a glamorous or lavish lifestyle other major US cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and it doesn’t offer the dream of someone coming into this city and having it change your whole life. However, it does offer the idea of an American Dream, the city is depicted as one where there are houses and having sophisticated and modern infrastructures. Its history of development and then redevelopment is not a story that common person would know, but it has been a city that many have examined because it has a unique story in its urban renewal experience. However, the implications of urban renewal in New Haven has been blindly been ignored. The documentary titled “The Hill” depicts the story of one New Haven neighborhood, the Upper Hill, struggling to keep their homes as the city of New Haven has targeted their neighborhoods land to be used for a new school. The film attempts to show how the residents of the Upper Hill take on the city of New Haven, while they unintentionally discover the real intentions of the city of New Haven’s land use decision. While on the front line the city of New Haven claimed the decision for the eminent domain on the upper hill neighborhood, residents decided to build a case against the city as they vicariously understood the root reasons for this decision.
Connecticut is often referred as a safe haven for New…

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