Analysis Of The Movie ' The Great Depression ' Essay

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With exception of war, no event has caused as much upheaval to American security, and its way of life than that of the Great Depression. Following the stock market crash of 1929, and spanning the entire decade of the 1930’s, this period saw at its height, a quarter of Americans out of work, with many barely able to feed themselves or their families. This period also saw many businesses that once flourished, shut their doors forever. However, one industry that still managed to survive during the 1930’s, and in fact was entering its golden age, was that of Hollywood. And while the American film industry was not completely immune to the economic hardships that were facing the nation, the film studios managed to respond in kind to the times by producing films that both catered to the changing tastes, and worldview of their audience, while still turning a profit. In particular three genres of films flourished during this period, as individuals proved they were still willing to part with their hard earned money for a respite, all be it a brief from their hardships. The genres that truly succeeded during this time were the Musical, the Gangster Picture, and the Screwball Comedy. All of which in their own way not only commented on the economic times, and the changing fabric of American relationships during the Great Depression, but also reinforced certain American ideas, and allowed an industry to thrive.

Defining Hollywood at the Time

Before looking at the three…

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