Analysis Of The Movie ' The City Lights ' Essay

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American Film
1. Edwin S. Porter was born April 1870, Connellsville, Pennsylvania in the United State. Porter generated a device to regulate the intensity of the electric light in 1891. He was both film pioneer and director and his movies were great because they told a story by editing the move. In addition to that, he made some of the greatest films in 1902 and 1903. He directed the life Of an American Fireman and in 1903 the Great Train Robbery. Form these two showed him that he can able to direct a great film and essential using camera shots not known of at that time. The life of an American Fireman, the way people watch this film change how the view thinks about his Movies. 2) Yes Chaplin’s City Lights follow the narrative convention of classic Hollywood cinema and this film was one of the greatest pieces of acting and the highest moment in movies. The city lights Movie was one of the hardest and longest undertaking of Chaplin’s career. By the time he finished he had to spend two years and eight movies on working and edited the movie.

3) Charlie Chaplin’s movie City light was very interesting Movies that audience enjoyed even though it was Nonverbal communication. The Movie is about a man who never speaks, and women can’t see, so their love is expressed in gestures of kindness, and restricted by sensory barriers. At the ended of the city light movie was when…

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