Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Swan '

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Black Swan, it’s a movie about a woman, Nina, a 28 year old ballerina living in New York City, who is picked to play both swans in the ballet “Swan Lake” . Nina is a perfectionist, a control freak and very much alike to the white swan, a pure, innocent girl. She still lives with her mother, who’s extremely controlling of her and treats her like she 's 12. Her mother doesn’t let her do anything alone, her room doesn’t even has a lock. Nina’s room looks like the room of a child, its all pink with flowers on the wall, there are many stuffed animals. Now in the company that she works, she’s surrounded by ballerinas who have the black swan in them. One in particular Lily, she’s the one who really gets into Nina’s skin. Lily is the representation of the black swan, she’s sexy, outgoing, we see her seducing men many times in the movie, which makes her everything Nina is not. That makes Nina jealous and concerned that Lily will end up taking her part in the ballet. Nina’s story takes a drastically turn when she’s picked for the part, she’s somewhat forced to face her sexuality. Mostly by Thomas, who’s training her for the part. He makes some sexual advances towards her and makes her think about masturbation and sexual pleasures. As the movie goes on, Nina’s character gets more looser, sexual and violent, representing her transformation into the black swan. Which parallels with…

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