Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Sherrybaby '

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Sherrybaby is a film about a recovering heroin addict named Sherry Swanson. Sherry has just been released from prison after a three year sentence and moves into a half-way, sober living house. She meets with her new parole officer to establish the rules of her community supervision and with that she is left to her own devices to once again become a part of her community. Sherry must deal with meeting with her parole officer, finding a job, re-establishing a connection with her family and daughter, and more; all the while attempting to maintain sober in the exact society that led her to drug use in the first place. Throughout the film Sherry attempts to successfully re-enter the public in hopes of getting her life together and become a better mother. What has been discussed in class and covered in the materials we have been assigned absolutely correlates with what occurs in the movie. Throughout the course thus far, we have learned about rehabilitation, parole, and recidivism in the criminal justice system. This movie perfectly exemplifies and highlights the effects of prison and the struggles that come with re-entering society afterwards. Prison can greatly affect a person’s life, and the aftermath of prison can be equally as difficult as an ex-offender heads into corrections. Sherry allows viewers to see a first-hand experience of exactly what reentry is like for the thousands of people released from jail and prison each year. Sherry deals with the stigmatism that comes…

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