Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Memento '

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“Memento” is a movie directed by Christopher Nolan (2000) which follows a man, Leonard, who apparently has anterograde amnesia. After receiving a severe blow to the head, Leonard ended up with a traumatic brain injury that apparently damaged his hippocampus. He is unable to form and retain new memories. Memories prior to the incident remain intact. In order to deal with his condition, Leonard tattoos important facts on his body that he doesn’t want to forget, takes pictures of new people, places and things then writes notes to remember what needs to be done. Like all patients with severe anterograde amnesia, Leonard is unable to convert things that happen into long term memory so he forgets everything with the passing of time or when a distraction occurs. This movie outlines anterograde amnesia relatively well according to the Psychological Community with very few flaws.
Anterograde Amnesia
Anterograde Amnesia can be caused by lesions on the medial temporal lobe or damage to the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for storing new memories. A person with Anterograde Amnesia will find it impossible to retain new memories, but will be able to recall anything that happened in the past prior to the damage of their brain. They will have false recollections that are either made up of genuine memories or misplaced in time. They will have neurological problems such as uncoordinated movements, tremors or seizures. They will also…

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