Analysis Of The Movie ' Machete 's ' The Film ' Essay

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There has been an explosion of immigrant protests across the world in past decade. These protests have featured political mobilizations by pro-migrant activists and irregular migrants who challenge the multiple forms of injustice and discrimination experienced by displaced persons. In April 2010, the state of Arizona enacted the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act which required immigrants to be in possession of their documents all times thus making Latinos vulnerable to identity checks and surveillance (Nohemy & Butter, 2011). Shortly after the controversial legislation, an online trailer for Machete (2010) was released. The film can be perceived to have been a direct response to the Arizona legislature. The film features Danny Trejo who speaks angrily to the camera saying, “This is Machete with a special Cinco de Mayo Message…to ARIZONA!” In the film, Machete presents himself as a violent spectacle and a protagonist who uses his machete to tactically kill those after him. Although Machete (2010) is a fictional film focusing on migrant revenge, it also presents the current conditions of violence, suspicion, and hostility faced by most of the irregular migrants across the United States. The essay that follows explores the implications of the struggles faced by immigrants and the inflammatory rhetoric that presents them as vermin and underscores. The film is directed by Robert Rodriguez whose sympathies are entirely on how illegal immigrants are the…

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