Analysis Of The Movie ' Harrison Bergeron ' Essay

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My response to the ending of the story was not a positive one. I did not like the way the events of Harrison Bergeron were resolved at all. After I finished reading the story, I realized that the United States government controls people in this universe in a way that makes it virtually impossible for people to rebel. They make it so that no one is coherent enough to even plan a rebellion, and even if someone was able to overcome their handicaps, the live executions of these rebels makes everyone afraid to follow in their footsteps.
Harrison’s father George had difficulty thinking about things because of his handicaps. George was naturally very smart, but, in order to make everyone equal, George was required to wear an earpiece that sent loud, disruptive noises into his brain every 20 seconds to disrupt his line of thought.
All the gear Harrison wears is designed to restrain him. Harrison is one of the people that are so gifted that normal handicaps are unable to restrain him. Therefore, Harrison is required to wear huge pieces of scrap metal instead of birdshot bags, headphones instead of an earpiece to disrupt his brain waves, shave his eyebrows, wear sunglasses that give him splitting headaches, and wear hideous appliances in a futile effort to keep him handicapped.
Diana Moon Glampers shoots Harrison at the end of the story. She does this because none of the handicaps she has come up with have worked to keep him subdued and equal to everyone else, and also because it was…

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