Analysis Of The Movie ' Harbaugh 's Veteran ' Essay

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Harbaugh’s Veteran Stereotype In a commentary aired on National Public air, navy pilot veteran, Ken Harbaugh argues about the stereotypes of “damaged” veterans. He speaks about how veterans are portrayed through the media in a negative light, that in terms, is not always true. Harbaugh does this by comparing and contrasting, “damaged” veteran stereotypes, to how veterans really are outside of combat. He mentions several statistical studies, and how media influenced stereotypes corresponds with them. Ken Harbaugh reveals to us the parallels between Vietnam movies and Iraq movies, and the concerns he has about the parallels these movies from different eras spark in him. Harbough first shows the parallels between Vietnam and Iraq movies by mentioning famous movies such as, Rambo and Ground Truth, that encourage people’s perspectives towards veterans. He depicts on how in the era of the Vietnam war, the media characterized returning Vietnam veterans as, insane sociopaths. According to The Atlantic Monthly Group, authors Sally Satel and Richard J. Mcnally, states that “The stereotype of the mentally scarred vet that seized the public imagination during the Vietnam conflict lingers to this day, is part due to the media’s infatuation with the theme”. This contributes to Harbaugh 's belief, that the same unrealistic stereotype, emerges in today’s era of veterans. Harbaugh is basically telling us that no matter the era, veterans are portrayed as a “walking time bomb”.

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