Analysis Of The Movie ' Fight Club ' Essay

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The Importance of the Father
The movie “Fight Club”, directed by David Fincher, and starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter, provides a glimpse of a male who is yearning to evolve into a man. “Fight Club” inspires its viewers to think deeper about the long term effect of the lack of parental involvement. Does a young boy truly need a father figure in his life in order to learn to be a real man? What becomes of a male when he is raised by only his mother? A scene in the movie raises a very important point; Tyler Durden is taking a bath while The Narrator sits nursing his wounds from a recent fight when The Narrator explains that he cannot get married because he is a 30 year old boy. Tyler responds to this statement with an interesting insight: “We are a generation raised by women. I am wondering if another woman is what we need.” (“Fight Club”, 1999). In the movie, The Narrator takes up fighting because it allows him a way to channel his built up anxieties, which are possibly due to the abandonment of his father and the fact that he was raised by his mother. A male child needs an older male, preferably a father figure, to teach by example how to grow into manhood, and often times this includes physical contact sports. One such example of manhood we will focus on in this paper specifically is fighting. Physical fighting is a rite of passage one must endure to achieve real manhood because it teaches a male to be assertive; not fear confrontation; and to…

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