Analysis Of The Movie ' Dead Poets ' Essay

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One of Robin Williams’s most remembered leading roles was performing as Mr. Keating in the film, Dead Poets Society. The movie takes place at the all-male boarding school, Welton Academy, in 1959. It follows a group of high schoolers that learn an important lesson from their English teacher, Mr. Keating, to follow their own path and go against what is normal. They were inspired by Mr. Keating to recreate the Dead Poets Society Club and recite poetry. One of Mr. Keating’s speeches to his students takes place in the first class of the year. He takes the students out of the classroom and into the hallway with the trophy case. He tells a compelling speech about seizing the day.
The movie was directed by Peter Weir and released in 1989. A novelized version by Kleinbaum was released before the movie and was based off an earlier version of the script. The movie is loosely based off the screenwriter, Tom Schulman’s, life. He attended an all-male private school called Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. The characters in the movie are based on people that Schulman knew. Mr. Keating was based on a combination of two of Schulman’s teachers. Harold Clurman taught Actors and Directors Lab, while Samuel Pickering taught sophomore English. Keating 's inspirational speeches originated from Clurman whereas Keating’s abnormal teaching style was initiated from Pickering. Pickering was known to teach class standing on a desk or in a trash can, similar to Mr. Keating’s actions.…

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