Analysis Of The Movie ' Boyz N ' The Hood ' Essay

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Boyz N the Hood is a movie which was released in 1991 and is about teens growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles. Reva, the mother of Tre Styles, sends Tre to live with his father because of some trouble he got into at school. Reva wanted Tre’s father, Furious Styles, to teach him about life and being a man in hopes to protect her son from the streets. While growing up living with his father Tre reunites with his friends “Doughboy”, Ricky, and Chris. Doughboy is in a gang called the “Crips” and was recently released from jail with Chris. Chris also is paralyzed due to a gunshot wound and is currently in a wheelchair. Tre and Ricky are attempting to make something of their lives by staying out of the gangs and trying to do well in school. Ricky is a great football player hoping to get out of the inner cities by getting awarded a college scholarship. Tre is always following his father’s advice and has a job working in a clothing store and is also hoping to attend college by continuing to study.
Due to gang violence between the “Bloods” and the “Crips”, who Doughboy is a member of, Ricky is caught in the middle and gets killed by members of the “Bloods” by getting shot in the streets. Furious with their friend being shot and killed, the remaining friends, including Tre, make plans to take revenge on the “Blood” members who took Ricky’s life. Tre’s father, Furious, catches Ricky attempting to take his revolver from his house and try to change his son’s mind on…

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