Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Mirror ' Essay

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Black Mirror is a Netflix Original British television series that explores the unease that technology could possibly bring to the modern world in the not so distant future. “Nosedive” is the first episode of season 3 in the series. I will do a close reading to show the impact that technology has on social class and behavior and discuss how the craving for social acceptance brought about the sudden demise of the main character in this episode.
Nosedive depicts a world that is run and driven by ratings given to people through social interactions. Higher ratings equate to a higher social standing and opens up countless opportunities in the world. These ratings are on a scale from 0 to 5, and are incremented in decimals.
The episode starts with the main character (Stacy) jogging through her neighborhood, which is in the suburbs and looks middle-high class. We immediately get the impression that this is a society driven by social media and mobile phones as she runs past fellow joggers and they are all staring at their phones. She exchanges greeting with one of the joggers ad they immediately rate each other with their phones, this sets the tone for a reality of people who live solely for social acceptance. She then spends a lot of time looking at the mirror practicing acceptable social gestures that will please people she comes in contact with in order to boost her ratings. At the start of the episode Stacy is a 4.2. We are then shown a normal day on the way to work, the same…

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