Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Birdsong ' By Stephen Faulks

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Birdsong by Stephen Faulks is a novel to show the effect war has on a person who served in battle and the importance to understand the history of war for those who wish to learn about the past. This novel is about the Great War and its impact it had on the life of Stephen Wraysford, the protagonist of the novel, and his granddaughter Elizabeth Benson. Stephen had an affair with a woman named Isabelle Azaire who ends up getting pregnant and wasn 't sure about the feelings for Stephen so she left him. Later she left him leaving him with many confusing emotions, he decides to stay in france and when the war starts he was almost pleased that he can channel his confusing emotions on the war but the war was not what he expected. Stephen joined the war and fought the Germans and saw terrible things in the war that changed his life forever, wishing to die at times, the war changed all of his confusing emotions into rage. His friends on the line with him, which he got to know throughout the war, started to pass one by one which took a toll on Stephen "Bodies were starting to pile and clog the progress." He was angry, afraid and he even had his body discarded as a corpse.
In 1910, Stephen was sent to learn about the textile factory in Amiens with Isabelle and her husband. Stephen falls for Isabelle and she does the same, so they ran away together living in a house in St.-Remy-de-Provence. They were happy until Isabelle got pregnant which Stephen is unaware of and she fled back to her…

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