Analysis Of The Movie ' 300 ' Essay

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300 is an American made movie of the twenty first century. This historical film was released on march ninth of 2007th and has made furor among many. The director, Zack Snyder among with stars such as Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham, and many more, had made a tremendous piece of work delivering the viewers a full acting, modern way historical film. The movie 300 reflects the historical event of the Persian War in the Ancient Greece. Even though the fighting style as well as some of the monstrous characters seem a little unreal, and the filming locations were in Montreal and Lost Angeles, the editors made the scenery feel like it was the ancient Greece, the plot of the story as well as the representation of Spartans, Athenians or Persians and its war seems to be appropriately demonstrated.
As for the Spartans, in the movie 300, they were presented very militantly. The first couple of scenes were explanatory of how the military lifestyle was introduced to the Spartan youth. Training, use of weapons and simply becoming tough were the major attributes in rising Spartans. 300 and the text book coincides that “Once Spartan boys reached age of seven, they were enrolled in separate companies with other boys their age. They underwent rugged physical and military training until age twenty-four, when they become frontline soldiers. For the rest of their lives, Spartan men kept themselves prepared for the combat” (McKay 2011, P.64). Also the movie 300, presented…

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