Analysis Of `` The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock `` Essay

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How do I proceed? Ever been so nervous it eats you up inside? Well if you have, you’ll know exactly how J. Alfred Prufrock feels. So, how do I proceed? T.S Eliot’s poem The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock is based on these sort of questions of uncertainty and insecurity, this links directly to the theory of Sigmund Freud. Freudian theory (2). Freudian theory is shown in three key ways throughout the poem, the way Prufrock grapples with psychological stress, a balance of ego, super-ego and id and suppressing of desires.

In the poem it is clear to see that Prufrock deals with a lot of psychological stress when it comes to asking out the girl of his dreams. Prufrock is constantly asking himself how he should make his next move “how do I proceed?”. This shows an insecure side to Prufrock, he is afraid of being rejected and taunted by the girl and her friends, “they will say “how his hair is growing thin!””. Prufrock is also afraid to actually ask the question “to wonder, “Do I dare?””. Prufrock’s name also helps build up Prufrock as a character to the audience, J. Alfred Prufrock is not a name that would usually be associated to courage and masculinity as a name like Bruce would. This all incorporated together to build a brief synopsis of Prufrock as being more of a nervous and insecure gentleman with nothing but the best intentions for his lady. Unfortunately, in 1910-1915 (during modernism times) a wimpy gentleman was not considered to be a good thing. A modernism man was…

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