Analysis Of The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan

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Module 3 Discussion Question The book, The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, can be found in both print and digital edition in the collection at Trent Park Elementary. Both of the formats are able to be located through the library’s online catalog. There is a difference in the appearance, description, location and how the information about the resource is cataloged.
To access both the print and digital edition of The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, a search must be done in the library’s online catalog, Destiny. Users are able to search for the book in the same manner. A keyword search would result in the title appearing both in the analog version and eBook version. However, the eBook version and analog version are listed as two different
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Follettshelf within Destiny houses all eBook formats the library owns and that are available for check out. EBooks housed in Follettshelf can be searched by keyword, or may be browsed and sorted in A-Z order. Ebooks are also made visible in Destiny through posting to a public list. Users in Destiny are able to access lists of books that are public and can be viewed by all patrons. These lists include class sets, guided reading, and lists that contain books that are content specific. The Trent Park library has published a list of books that can be accessed in electronic format, the electronic version of the The Lost Hero is a part of this booklist. The print version of the The Lost Hero is not a title appearing on these public book lists. The print version is only discoverable by keyword search through the OPAC. …show more content…
All detailed information about the book is identical with one exception, its location.
The location of the print title, The Lost Hero, can be located by viewing the call number. Differing from the electronic version, the print version includes the capability to view the book cover and an additional summary and location information about the book via the “Title Peak” link. ¬Also included is a “Shelf Browse” link. By choosing this link, a user is able to view books that are shelved in the same vicinity as The Lost Hero. This is not available in the electronic version. Location of the electronic version is found by choosing the “Read” link in both Follettshelf and in the library’s online catalog.
The electronic version of the The Lost Hero displays a button to immediately access the book to read online. A click of this button directs the user to Follettshelf where the book is available for immediate access if the user has first authenticated through Destiny. If authentication is not done prior through Destiny, the user will be prompted to authenticate through Follettshelf. This can be frustrating as library users are not given access directly to Follettshelf. Authentication is only permitted through

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