Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

1274 Words Sep 22nd, 2014 6 Pages
Courage, it is an emotion but it is also an act. To some people it is easy for them to have courage while others struggle to bring it forth. Not everyone is constantly courageous but people sometimes have sparks of it that change lives. The amount of people that displayed courage in The Kite Runner is quite astounding. Any normal person would probably have turn tail and run at the idea of half of the events in the story. Courage chose the abnormal people; it chose Hassan to live with a terrifying truth but pressured Amir to reconcile that truth as well as strengthening Sohrab to keep living on. Hassan displayed quite profound courage, not just in protecting Amir but also in the way, he told his father about the incident. Protecting Amir from bullies and the world Hassan was a daily task. Amir was constantly picked on but Hassan was always there to back him. However, when Assef, the neighborhood bully, truly began to push Amir around Hassan was obligated to protect his best friend. Hassan was forced to stare his worst fear straight in the face but stand tall. He was scared out of his mind but in order to protect Amir he could not falter. This took a great deal of courage from Hassan but it also took courage for Hassan to face the reality that his world placed on him. He was a Hazara, daily he took abuse form others. However, he knew he must be brave in order to protect Amir. Hassan knew he would have to ignore all the abuse and stereotypes in order to protect the one person…

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