Essay on Analysis Of The Interview ' My Lobotomy '

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The interview “My Lobotomy” follows Howard Dully as he works on uncovering what happened to him during a procedure performed on him during his childhood. Howard Dully was 12 years old when Walter Freeman performed transorbital or “ice pick” lobotomy on him. He always felt something missing from his soul, however, he carried no memories of the operation and never asked his family. This led him to set out on a journey to learn about what happened to him in 1960. The conversation isn’t between an interviewer and Howard Dully. It is actually Howard Dully speaking to others in hopes of discovering what really happened. Dully interviewed Dr. Elliot Valenstein, who wrote a book on the history of lobotomy. Dr. Valenstein says the results varied greatly, and that its success can be traced back to the fact that was the only way to treat the mentally ill back then. The procedure had a lot of publicity surrounding it, leading to desperate families putting their trust in Dr. Freeman. One of those was the Ionesco family. Dr. Freeman’s first patent was Ellen Ionesco. Her daughter Angelene says that her mother was violently suicidal before her lobotomy. Ellen cannot remember anything regarding that. Angelene says that the lobotomy made her peaceful and stable, and vouches that he did something right. However, Dr. Valenstein was right when he said results varied. Dully speaks to Carol Noell, whose mother had suffered from headaches, and was “cured” by Dr. Freeman. Carol says it left her…

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