Analysis Of ' The Great Radio Heroes ' Essay

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How was the shift in entertainment perceived by the public? In simplest terms, “Gangbusters” was a shock to many. This essay will describe how the public reacted in three ways; the first would be how the show affected the public and what were the common reactions that people had. This will also focus in on how children reacted. How did adults view the show? Did they believe it to be beneficial for children or did they find it troubling to support. Thirdly, I will also explore how the show was received by the public and where it ranked on the charts. When looking at children’s view points of “Gangbusters” one can look at radio historian Jim Harmon’s interpretation of the show. In his book, The Great Radio Heroes, Harmon discusses the excitement he felt when listening to the show, he would listen to the end and listen in, as he states “paralyzed fascination” to the all points bulletin, of gang members that were at large and that police departments and federal agents were investigating. Harmon was one of many children that enjoyed and were often tantalized by the anxiety created by the show. In a 1939 New York Times article by Catharine Mackenzie, children were part of a survey to see which radio shows were their favorites, “Gangbusters” was among the top three for male children ages six to sixteen. It is important to look at how adults viewed the radio show. When exploring this option one will most likely stumble upon adults claiming that “Gangbusters” and other…

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