Essay about Analysis Of ' The Great Depression '

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Reaching dreams are the ultimate motivation behind the characters in the novel. Lennie had an abundant amount of faith in his dream of “living off the fatta the lan.” George is convinced that this could actually happen. Soon Lennie and George are motivated by their dreams and start to work harder. Steinbeck shows in his novel how dreams often play a huge role in your survival when you are living in a lonely world. Crooks, the black stable-hand, saw men on the ranch come and go, “the same damn thing in their heads” (Steinbeck 73). Crooks soon becomes lonely and miserable, losing his own hopes and dreams. Curley’s wife believes that she “coulda made somethin’ of myself” and says, “Maybe I will yet” (Steinbeck 87). This shows that she dreams to become something and get off the ranch.
The Great Depression was the period this book was based on. Steinbeck portrays situations that he often saw during the 1930s. According to Hays, “in the middle of the Great Depression, the influx of a million migrants into California from the Dust Bowl states made labor even cheaper and competition for jobs was fierce” (Hays). Lennie and George’s life was kind of like people’s lives back then; working hard for months trying to earn a living. Through Lennie and George’s hardships the “American Dream” was born. Their want for the American Dream makes up the story.
To some extent, Lennie’s dream gets him in trouble in the end. The story shows how dreams can cause both positive and negative results.…

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