Analysis Of The Film Two Young Boys By Danny Saunders And Reuven Malter

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The Chosen is a film many people can benefit from watching, as we are given a detailed view of a day in the life of Hasidic- Orthodox and Conservative-Zionist Jews. Observing their day to day lifestyle give us an understanding of their culture and traditions. We see many differences from these two religions, from their dress codes to their very core belief. In the film two young boys, Danny Saunders and Reuven Malter, become unexpected friends through a common passion of baseball. Both boys live in 1940s Brooklyn, New York with their very religious families. Their commitment to their families is the primary conflict of the novel and also set the protagonists’ process of “self-discovery.” Though they have similar situations, there are key differences of their religion that set their friendship and their experiences apart.
The physical appearance of Danny and his Hasidic Orthodox family is the most visually distinguishable difference from Reuven’s conservative Jewish style. The men wear only the historical clothing of all Eastern-European Jews. Black plants, blazer, and coats over there white button down long sleeve shirts. Men style the Kippah, a hemispherical cap because their belief the head be covered at all times. They wear the Kippah under a black hat and these long, uncut side locks called payot. Hasidic women wear clothing obeying the principles of modest dress in Jewish law. This includes long, conservative skirts and sleeves past the elbow as well as covered…

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