Analysis Of The Film ' The Great Depression ' Essay

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Modern Times

First, economically, the film exposes how mass unemployment resulted in America despite the industrial automation’s explosion. Economic hardships during this era were clearly revealed by the fact that the protagonist wanted to actually return to prison for better conditions and food when he and the Gamin were starving and suffering. Maland say’s in his article “As he began to contemplate the film that would eventually become Modern Times, Chaplin was confronted most centrally with two challenges the industrial/aesthetic challenge of talking films and historical/ideological challenge of the Great Depression.” (pg.233)
Next, major corruption that took place within America’s business and workplaces during this time is also highlighted; the film also conveys how this stress and unfairness toward workers caused intense emotional, physical and psychological effects on citizens. To illustrate, the protagonist depicts how he is merely a number, nameless, and pretty much invisible, within a range of diverse workplaces in the movie. Maland also went on to say in his article “The first is a high angle shot of a flock of sheep moving forward. Chaplin then dissolves to a to a similarly framed high-angle long shot of workers emerging from the subway stop on the way to work. The shots suggest workers are being treated like animals” (pg. 234) Chaplin uses these scenes to express the commonality that America’s industrialization at this time was greedy and ruthless, only…

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