Analysis Of The Film ' The Devil 's Playground ' Essay

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Rumspringa occurs in the Amish world when children turn sixteen years old and are encourage to explore the English World (Shachtman, 2006). The film The Devil’s Playground documents the decisions that Amish teenagers from LaGrange County, Indiana make when their restrictions become limitless and they can explore the modern world. During this time period they experience drinking, partying, pre-marital sex, and illegal drugs. The purpose of rumspringa is for the youth to decide if they want to be baptized and remain a member of the church or leave the Amish world altogether. Based on the values and beliefs of the Amish community, they can be described as a microculture within macroculture America. As seen in the documentary, those who are part of the Amish community display collectivistic attitudes and high-context communication.
The documentary takes place in LaGrange County, Indiana and follows several Amish teenagers as they explore their time in rumspringa. Some of the Amish youth drive cars, wear English clothes, and have relationships, while others party which may involve drugs. The preacher’s son Faron turns to drug dealing and abusing. Throughout the film he is seen getting high and dealing drugs resulting in his arrest. He believes he will return to the Amish church, but just enjoying his new found freedom. There are also several Amish parties that involve the teens engaging in underage drinking and doing illegal drugs. Another teen, Velda, rejoins the Amish church…

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