Analysis Of The Film ' Sharkwater ' Essay example

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Sharkwater is an interactive documentary that was directed by Rob Stewart. Rob Stewart’s presence is prominent throughout the film. There are scenes of him swimming with sharks, interviewing people, and he narrates the entire film. He travels to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands to show us that sharks aren’t the deadly creatures we make them out to be, yet over one hundred billion are killed annually. The thesis of this film is clear when Stewart says how, “the one animal we fear the most is the one we cannot live without.” Our understanding of sharks is mediatized and completely inaccurate. Not even twenty minutes into the film and you can see sharks for the beautiful creatures they really are, so graceful and shy. This film is extremely persuasive in proving its thesis, because it uses the power of authority and facts along with the compelling appeal to the viewer’s emotions.

The primary appeal is to authority and facts. Rob Stewart himself is a biologist and underwater photographer. He also gets interviews with many other authoritative figures, such as Mark Butler from the Ecology Action Center, Dr. Boris Worm, a marine biologist from Dalhousie University, and Dr. Erich Ritter, a shark behaviorist. Through the entire film, facts are provided to the viewers to help them understand how important and nonviolent sharks are to the human population. Sharks are incredible animals, they are the oldest living creatures on the planet, surviving five major…

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