Analysis Of The Film ' Mad Max ' Fury Road ' Essay

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I.Topic For my project, I will be examining the cultural issue, the depiction of women in an action film where they represent feminism. In film, there is not enough representation of female characters that are capable of being independent and strong all while not being sexualized. Most female character who are given the traits strong and independent often times are hyper sexualized because they are women which means there objects in male’s view. However, female characters are need of makeovers in action movies and directors need to remember that it is important to portray women accurately not what it ought to be. Film industries do not focus on depicting women in action films where they are pro feminist and original (original I mean they characters did not come from a comic book or books).
The pop culture text I will be using to frame and analyze my issue is Mad Max: Fury Road. Mad Max is a movie that portrays women in a positive, feminist manner. The female characters challenge stereotypes and the film exhibits that throughout the movie.
I am interested in using Mad Max: Fury Road because when I watched it for the first time, it left me thinking about how women should be portrayed more like Furiosa. Female characters should have the same qualities and personality as her, but not necessarily the same skills or purposes. I am a feminist and I also love to see female heroes when they are not labeled with a brand, for instance Black Widow. Overall, I think it 's important…

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