Analysis Of The Book ' Three Early Modern Utopias ' Essay

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Thomas More is the author of the book Three Early Modern Utopias, he traveled to Antwerp where he met both his friend Peter Giles who helped More to publish the book about Utopia and Raphael Hythlody who is a philosopher and also a world traveler, he lived for almost five years at Utopia. “More” the character of the book is fictional, as well as Utopia and Raphael Hythlody. Hythlody means “talker of nonsense”. After Giles introduced More to Hythlody, Hythlody starts telling them about his adventures during the travel. Hythlody was having a dinner with a group of English people and he pointed out how evil the government in England is and the laws and how the king of England want his people to agree with his decisions even if they do not like it. Those signs show dictatorship in Hythlody’s eyes. He disagrees with the Europeans’ policies and he starts telling them about Utopian society and that it is way better than European society and has fairness. Giles and More disagree with Hythlody because they believe that the common property is better than the private property. He starts telling them about how great Utopia is, it is an island with no poverty, little crime, and no immoral behavior, acceptance of religion, and basically no war.
In Three Early Modern Utopias, Utopia is seen as a perfect place. While it means at the same time no place. Factors for the nonexistence of Utopia is the names and place which are used such as the ruler “Ademus” who means a man without people, the…

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