Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Bird '

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Ernest Hemingway once stated, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it, never care for anything else.” This quote describes Private Bartle’s life during and after the Iraq war in the novel, The Yellow Bird by Kevin Powers. Throughout the novel Powers describes the friendship between three men and the events the men encounter that is out of their control, and very little is understood as to why these events are taking place. Powers switches back and forth in time during each chapter, some scenes take place in Al Tafar while other scenes take place on the base in New Jersey or at home in Richmond, Virginia. Private Bartle was impacted greatly by the war in Al Tafar, while at home Bartle was never able to escape the thoughts of the war, something always reminded Bartle of the terrible actions that took place in Al Tafar. The events in the end of the novel will make readers react with many mixed emotions whether they are sorrow, mournful or hopeful, all readers will see the events differently. One of the eight literary critical theories, the biographical strategy, best fits Power’s novel. The biographical strategy consists of knowledge of an author’s life that helps readers understand his work (Meyer 1448). At the early age of seventeen, Powers enlisted in the U.S. Army and served a one-year tour during the Iraq war. Powers was deployed to Tal Afar as a machine gunner in 2004. Power’s experience during the Iraq…

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