Analysis Of The Book ' The Sisters ' Essay

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In the first three stories in Dubliners the main character is not telling the story himself. It is told by an older version of the “narrator” of each story. The way the author’s point of view strategy was set up, it let the readers see what the “narrator” of each story was feeling while they experienced it. Each character did something different, but they all found out something about themselves along the way. They also learned what they perceive about others rather than just what they learn about themselves. In each of the first three stories, each narrator had been either set free, disapointed, isolated, changed and/or recognized Paralysis which is acted in opposition by movement during their childhood.
In “The Sisters”, the narrator lived with his aunt and uncle in Dublin, Ireland. His aunt always made him do chores and little aarons and he didn’t talk back because children back then were told to respect their elders. But as he got older, he realized a lot. He realized that his sisters never cared for him and all the adults in his life were liars. His aunt and sisters never cared for him because they always isolated him, “in the dark of {his} room”(2). The burden he faced was, that he thought everything was good but it wasn’t. He didn’t realize that it wasn’t until he got older. The story was being told from the boy’s point of view so the reader could experience what he saw and went through. Old Cotter, who was a family friend told the boy about the death of Father…

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