Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

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The Scarlet Letter is a framed story. The Narrator works at a customhouse in Salem Massachusetts, one day he discovers an uncompleted manuscript in the attic and a patch of cloth in the shape of an A. When he picks up the piece of cloth he feels as though he has been burned. The manuscript is a log describing events that happened around two hundred years ago. The narrator decides to finish the story and so he writes The Scarlet Letter. The story is set in 1600’s and depicts the life of Hester Prynne. In the beginning of the story, Hester comes out of the jail clutching a baby in her arms. She is then lead to a scaffold, a raised platform, and publicly shamed for hours. The townspeople make fun of the scarlet A embroidered on Hester’s chest. Event the children make fun of her even though they don’t know the significance of the A. The reader then learns that Hester has the scarlet A on her chest because she had an affair with an unnamed man and the A stands for adulterer. Hester has been subjected to this punishment not only because she had an affair, but also because she will not give up the name of her husband or the man with whom she had the affair. Hester’s husband, using the alias “Roger Chillingworth” visits her in prison using the disguise of a doctor. Roger offers Hester medicine but Hester is worried that it is poisoned. Roger assures her it is not, he then asks her name of the man of whom she slept with so he can get revenge, Hester refuses and Roger leaves. After a…

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