Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

1247 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 null Page
The year is 2035 and Charlie just turned 16. She had the most marvelous sweet 16, she got everything she wanted. And something she never thought possible. The night of her birthday is when it began. The nightmares she started to have were horrifying, filled with such evil things. She had a nightmare of people she knew dying. For months these nightmares continued and repeated over and over. Six months later, the first nightmare she had came true, her cousin died. Charlie was spooked, how had she dreamed about her cousin dying six months before hand. Soon everyone she dreamed about died, several cousins, friends, aunts, uncles, her grandmother, and even her father. She saw all of these “deaths,” then she started to get suspicious. Her mother left one day, and Charlie never knew where she went. Charlie started to reminisce about the stories her mother told her as a child, she always thought her mother had an imaginative mind. Charlie finally realized that her mother didn’t make up these stories, she witnessed them somehow. Suddenly, the phone rang making her lose her train of thought. It was her mother. “I don’t have much time to talk, but I need to tell you something important, just listen. All these deaths aren’t coincidences, all those deaths are connected. Connected to you. The same thing happened to me at your age, even the nightmares. I’ve been having them for 20 years, then suddenly, they stopped…….on your 16th birthday. It’s up to you to figure out why this is…

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