Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Lovely Bones '

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The Lovely Bones; the first murder novel I ever opened. The gruesome story hooked my attention immediately. I could not look at people the same. After that story, I have always had a strange passion for investigating murders and crimes; hence why, when I was given the novel In Cold Blood, I was nothing but excited. Truman Capote, the author and investigator of the Clutter family murder, is an outstanding novelist. He spent hours interviewing suspects and local townspeople trying to piece together this nasty event, but as any person, he left parts out of the story.

In the novel, Capote portrayed KBI Assistant Nye as a minor character. Investigators are discovering that Capote’s personal opinion was not reliable. In 2012 Gary McAvoy, an online dealer in literary artifacts, discovered notebooks and other documents from the detective 's son Ronald Nye. The Shawnee County District opposed the information found although some of the facts were published. In the novel, Capote implied that Nye went to visit Dick’s mother and father alone trying to unravel hidden information about Dick. After Nye’s notes were revealed, investigators could only prove this information as inaccurate. According to the actual notes Dick’s mother was home along with three other investigators. Capote had the main ideas correct, but the details were wrong. Fourteen boxes of files were found including original photographs and notes from the investigation. As reported by The Telegraph, one of Nye’s…

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