Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery ' Essay

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Thousands of stories are written and published every year but only few become ingrained into millions of readers minds. What makes a story so memorable? For most good books and short stories, there is always a universal message or theme that draws interest and captivates an audience. Jackson’s “The Lottery” is no exception. “The Lottery” is celebrated as one of the most controversial and brilliant short stories of the 20th century. Using characters, symbols, and irony, “The Lottery” shares insight into the human condition; no matter how morally corrupt something might be, people will go along with anything that society or the community deems as the norm. To begin with, the speech and actions of the characters play an important role in the theme of “The Lottery”. What is interesting about the characters in “The Lottery” is that all the characters in the story are presented as normal, small town people. The characters are meant to represent the reader’s neighbors, friends, and family. The characters, much like the reader’s loved ones in real life, are made to seem more like a friendly face than that of a killer. This only furthers the idea that everyone is willing to murder to go along with society’s norms. In the beginning of the story, Tessie Hutchinson is seen as a mother, wife, and friend. When she arrives late at the lottery, the first person Tessie Hutchinson talks to is Mrs. Delacroix (262). Jackson implies that the two characters must be close, but by the end of the…

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