Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery '

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The whole novel was criticizing the sotuh and their racsit ways why not have the character they despise the most have a happy ending. He wanted to provoke slave owners to realise how cruel they were he wanted to make them feel guilty. Although he was much more discrete with his ending Barbara Smucker was not. After having going through awful treatement throughout her life Julilly found Canada and became free.Julilly won the lottery now and she will never be equal as a white woman she will be free it is a process just like Mammy Sally stated on page 152: “We are poor, but we get paid for the jobs we do. We are poor, but some of us are buildin’ houses on the land we own. We are poor, but none of us is slaves.” She has an oppurtunity now to make a better life and this ending is insipiring. The racist white community reading these books will be upset the slave escaped. Both endings are very contreversal because of this. It would be like having the grinch litteraly steal christmas. The bad guy wins but it was to get their point accross that slavery is inhumane and needs to be abolished. Smucker made Julilly’s freedom a big deal and it was celebrated and she was able to do this because her novel was published in a time slavery was not around. Twain ended with not much detail in Jims freedom because slavery was just ending and was still going on when he published his novel but he still wanted to make money off of it so he found a much more discrete way of provoking racist…

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