Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Left On Tell ' By Immaculee Ilibagiza

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People don’t always do the evil things they do for no reason. Sometimes it how that person is raised or it is just the thing that person feels is the right thing to do. An example of this is people from the inner city. You can’t say that everyone from these types of places is bad. It could just be where they were born. They can’t change that and it shouldn’t affect what people think of them. Just like in Rwanda, the killers were born into their tribe and when they felt mistreated, they stood up for what they thought was right. In the memoir Left to Tell, written by Immaculee Ilibagiza, shown how to live according to God’s word no matter what hardships may be thrown in person’s way. Immaculée is extraordinary young women who fight for her life in the midst of the Rwandan genocide. It had begun as a result of many years of dispute among the Tutsi and Hutu tribes. While her country is terrorized by the killings of innocent civilians, Immaculee’s strength and kind heart leads her to discover a place deep inside herself that keeps the spirit of Christ alive and allows for forgiveness, even to those who murder her family. Immaculee beliefs about the faith changed through the span of the war at the beginning as ordinary believer as she was raised in religion family, next to the point where Immaculee seek for faith from God, and the last when Immaculee became a strong faithful individual in God who was able to forgive and be blast.
Immaculee Ilibagiza’s faith in the beginning was…

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