Analysis Of The Book ' The Lady Of Red ' Essay

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The Lady in Red
Noga Sklar

After the first (and foremost?) presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the most rejected presidential candidates in recent American history, I asked my brilliant (and authoritative) husband Alan: “Nu, after all these documentaries and debates, are you still in favor of Donald Trump as President of the United States?”
At first he was quiet. Then he did his best to escape a full answer.
“Hmm… well… I never said I was in his favor; I only said he was going to win. He is going to win.”
As has turned out to be the rule these days, this is not the real truth. The real truth — that of course could and must be deformed by my increasingly defective memory, or so my enemies prefer to believe — is that Alan has chosen Donald Trump as “his candidate” (albeit an American citizen, Alan had never voted and never will, according to his own disposition) from the very beginning, when there were 18 Republican candidates to choose from, as I made a point of reminding him.
I didn’t. Although deeply traumatized by my choice of Obama in 2008, back in 2015 I chose to go for a more “conservative” option and elected “low energy” Jeb Bush as my favorite. But it soon became obvious that “Jeb” was never going to fly; and when I was finally faced with Trump vs. Cruz, I practically had no choice. So I went with Trump.
I have been able to keep my vote since then. But, to be honest, I’ve also kept my mind open and have been tirelessly analyzing, or trying…

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