Analysis Of The Book ' The Killers ' Essay

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Jean Hatzfeld, Machete Season: The Killers In Rwanda Speak trans. Linda Coverdale (New York, NY. Picador, 2000).
Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak, by Jean Hatzfeld, is the second book that he composed about reports of the events of the Rwandan genocide that occurred in spring of 1994 in a small African country called Rwanda. The first book, Into the Quick Life: Stories from the Rwandan Marshes, Hatzfeld tells of the events that took place during the genocide but from the perspective of the Tutsi survivors. Machete Season, on the other hand, tells of the events from the Hutu killers’ perspective. The book is an organized collection of interviews conducted by Hatzfeld and ten Hutu men who were currently imprisoned for their participation in the genocide, which collectively that claimed the lives of more 800,000 Tutsi citizens. The mass murdering event took place in Rwanda between April 1994 and May 1994. Although the time frame of the killing was considered short, the damage that was inflicted would become a lifelong part of both the Tutsi and Hutu citizens that lived in Rwanda. Hatzfeld, when considering the interviews, honestly believed that the men would never agree to the interviews and if they did they agree they would not be honest in their accounts of the event. However, he was wrong. The men not only completed the interviews but several gave more accurate person depiction and confession of the event than he had expected, yet others did not feel comfortable…

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