Analysis Of The Book ' The Home Place ' Essay

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Carter begins “The Home Place” by painting a picture in the reader 's head of what the farm he lived on looked like. He explains all the components starting off by telling the reader how the barn was large and perfectly symmetrical. He explains the history behind the barn and how a Scottish carpenter built it. Carter says “Daddy was very proud of its appearance and its practical arrangement..”(Carter. 187) there was a spot and a section for each type of animal, also an area to keep all the supplies for each of the animals. Carter refers to his father indirectly quite a few times in this essay. He explains how his dad has a nice farm, a commissary store, and a large fenced in garden. This shows that his father probably worked hard for what he had and was proud of it. Carter goes on to say “Daddy encouraged me to spend time with Jack Clark, knowing it was the best way to get educated about farm life.” (Carter. 187) this shows that the father paid attention to Carter 's interests and wanted him to be educated about work on the farm. Carter makes it clear that not only his father is important when running the farm but so is Jack Clark. He briefly touches on his responsibilities in paragraph two, and it isn 't made clear how important Jack is until later on in the essay. He then goes on to explain “Jack was very black, medium height, and strongly build” (Carter. 187) he had clean overalls, rubber boots, and a straw hat. For being a man who worked on a farm he presented himself…

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