Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Fight For Freedom '

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Kayla Shaffer
Professor Matzko
Paper 1
Civil War History
September 28,2015
The Fight for Freedom Everyone and everything has a history, and America is no different. As a nation we have had some good events happen that we can be proud of, and unfortunately some terribly bad events as well, that we would like to erase from our history, or if given the chance to go back in time would probably like to rectify our mistakes. One event that most Americans would change from our past would be our long-term relationship with slavery; where we neglected, misused and abused countless African Americans for the supposed white man 's gain. However, as morbid and bleak as these conditions were that African Americans were forced to endure during these times, one thing remained constant and that was their unbreakable spirit during their fight for freedom from the atrocity of slavery. Since then, numerous books and articles have been published to shed some light on the events that happened during this period (Antebellum and Civil War). One such author is Frederick Douglass, who shares his account of what hardships he was faced to endure on his journey to freedom. Additionally, he also goes into great detail about the real threats he faced daily of being caught and returned to his slave master as well as, the contributions he made to ending slavery in our nation. As mentioned above Douglass was born into a life or difficulty and strife. (Although we don’t have a definitive year…

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